about Ralph A Hanggi Jr

I often told my students over the years," you don't choose art, art chooses you"

How is one chosen? In my case was it a fourth grade teacher who encouraged me to build a cardboard robot and paint it with Acrylics?

As a 10th grader reading a Time magazine article about Picasso's "Man With A Sword" with an accompanying color reproduction; an image that resonates to this day?

Mentors James Conaway, Guggenheim Fellow Frank Herrmann and the late Tarrence Corbin, all great teachers, all accomplished painters and all strong advocates for my art even when it may not have been warranted?

For me the question is not easy to answer and like art itself it spawns more questions, creates more road blocks and presents myriad problem-solving challenges. I believe it is my charge to best resolve the formal art issues that my art presents, not under the naive notion of final resolution or mastery, but in the knowledge that the rewards are in the search.

Art has chosen me and I hope you find it was a good choice.

And yes my palette will go to eleven.


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
University of Cincinnati, School of Art
Cincinnati, OH
Teacher Certification (K-12)
Art Education
University of Wisconsin- Stout
Menomonie, WI
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Painting / Drawing
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN - Summa Cum Laude
Associate in Arts (AA)
Liberal Arts
Anoka-Ramsey State Community College
Coon Rapids, MN

Teaching Experence

Graduate Assistant
Advanced Painting
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
Graduate Assistant
Basic Drawing - I, II
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
1996 - 1997
Art Teacher
Department Chair, K-12
Grand Rapids Public Schools, ISD 318
Grand Rapids, MN
1998 - 2014
Art Teacher
Triton Public Schools, ISD 2125
Dodge Center, MN
1990 - 1995, 1997
Art Teacher
Claremont Public Schools
Claremont, MN
1986 - 1990
Teaching Assistant
Introduction to Studio Arts
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
1976 - 1977